Automotive Locksmith Service

Automotive Locksmith Service

Being locked our of your vehicle can be a real pain. Dont worry, call us. Not only can we be at your location in no time, but we provide professional automotive locksmith service. If you need keys made, your trunk unlocked, glove box opened, etc., call us today to schedule an appointment. More »

Residential Locksmith Service

Residential Locksmith Service

Your home should be the safest place for you and your family. If you need residential locksmith services, we are the right company for you. Let a professional locksmith company handle your protection needs. From security systems to re-keying locks, we can get the job done right. More »

Commercial Locksmith Service

Commercial Locksmith Service

Is your business safe for you and your employees? Are your customers protected in case of an emergency? Ask us about our commercial locksmith services. We can protect your business from unwanted visitors. Protect your belongings and inventory by CCTV options. More »



Locksmith Service Provided By Mattlock Mobile Locksmith

As much as we all may hate it, everyone becomes forgetful at some point in their life. With so much technology that surrounds us on a daily basis, it is no wonder why seem to overlook many things. Being a locksmith is no different. On a daily basis, our technicians receive telephone service calls regarding lockouts. People are too busy on their phones or talking with friends, that they leave their keys in the car. If you do not carry a spare key with you, that is the time to call Mattlock Mobile Locksmith. With being a locksmith company for over 30 years, we have heard every excuse or scenario as to why someone is locked out of their vehicle. However, all the experience throughout the years is what makes our locksmith company a strong bonded business. As the years go by, every technician is better than they were the previous year. The knowledge and experience have carried all of our employees to a highly qualified position that only seems to get better with age.

The services that are provided by our certified technicians have been voted number one for many years now. That is because all of the hard work and dedication that comes from every employee. With periodic drug testing and random background checks, helps keep this locksmith business 100 percent professional. You can trust that every employee has gone through vigorous hands on training to provide every customer high quality service. Trusting your locksmith technician is very important. When someone enters your home, you want to feel safe as the technician provides services. Our largest clientel were achieved by word of mouth. Satisfied customers would love to share their experiences with other friends, family and co-workers. That is why we have had to expand our company. This was to accommodate the new customers that are wanting high quality services for their home, vehicle or business.

Locksmith Automotive Service

Automotive locksmith is our largest call volume that needs servicing. From locking your keys in your vehicle to unlocking your trunk, we can handle it all. Being in a hurry when you exit your vehicle can overcome your awareness. This is why so many people lock their keys in their vehicles. Many people use the locks on their doors to lock their vehicle when you exit. By doing this scenario is what makes us think our vehicle is secured, which it is. It is only a short time later that we realize our keys are inside the vehicle. Don't panic. Just call Mattlock Mobile Locksmith. This prompt service can help you in a difficult situation. Did you know that anything inside your vehicle that requires a key for access can be handled by a locksmith? That is correct. If your glove box is stuck, you can't open your trunk or your key broke off in the ignition, that is a job for a locksmith. Why wait in line at the dealership only to spend more money than necessary. These automotive locksmith services are easy and quick to repair, fix or replace.

Locksmith Residential Service

Have you recently purchased a home or leased a rental? Not sure who has a key to your home? We highly recommend that if you are new to the house, apartment or rental, the first thing you should do is change the locks on all doors. It is better to be safe than sorry. Your protection is very important to us. Our residential locksmith services provide safety and security every time. If you are wanting whole house protection, it is recommended that you purchase a security system. These camera systems allow you to stream live footage from anywhere there is an internet connection. Your smartphone is also capable of controlling the features of the cameras and more. This can provide both you and your family with added security. Changing deadbolts, re-keying locks, installing window locks, etc., is only a small part of the services provided for securing your home.

Locksmith Commercial Service

Do you own a business or know a company that needs extra protection? Call Mattlock Mobile Locksmith today! It is important to have all employees within your building, feeling safe to work. It is also important for a company to monitor access that an employee has. If you have restricted areas within your company, provide separate passcodes for every employee. This will inform you of who is entering these restricted areas and when. Theft is also a large part of being a company. You want to create a secured setting by installing cameras in every direction that cover all areas. If you are a company that has a new building, our associates can advise you on our opinion on how you can add safety to your company.

Experience is the key to every business. However, being a locksmith company relies on experience. Mattlock Mobile Locksmith is a well balanced company whose employees are hard working and dedicated to getting the job done right every time. As issues arise, don't hesitate to call us. We can schedule you an appointment at your free time for services, you are not needing done immediately. Remember, we are only a phone call away when you are in an emergency situation. Don't panic on the side of the road or stranded outside your home or business. Instead, call Mattlock Mobile Locksmith with confidence!