Automotive Locksmith Service

Automotive Locksmith Service

Being locked our of your vehicle can be a real pain. Dont worry, call us. Not only can we be at your location in no time, but we provide professional automotive locksmith service. If you need keys made, your trunk unlocked, glove box opened, etc., call us today to schedule an appointment. More »

Residential Locksmith Service

Residential Locksmith Service

Your home should be the safest place for you and your family. If you need residential locksmith services, we are the right company for you. Let a professional locksmith company handle your protection needs. From security systems to re-keying locks, we can get the job done right. More »

Commercial Locksmith Service

Commercial Locksmith Service

Is your business safe for you and your employees? Are your customers protected in case of an emergency? Ask us about our commercial locksmith services. We can protect your business from unwanted visitors. Protect your belongings and inventory by CCTV options. More »




We all deal with situations to where you lock yourself out. If you don't have a spare key on you, that is when the trouble begins. No need to panic. All you have to do is call Mattlock Mobile Locksmith. Let us take care of your locksmith needs. For auto, home to business, our technicians can handle any job you need. A locksmith is described as a profession that deals with keys, locks, deadbolts, vehicles, businesses, homes, motorcycles, safes, etc. There are also security features such as installing security systems, emergency doors, electronic passcodes, CCTV, etc. Basically anything that has a lock on it is a job for a locksmith.

When you call a professional locksmith company, ask about our services. Many companies are able to provide you with multiple services. No matter if you're locked out of your home, vehicle or business, we are only a phone call away. Searching for a locksmith company can be difficult to find if you don't look for the right information. Choosing a locksmith should be an important task. Protection is very important and should not be taken lightly. Just as you are needing protection for your home, vehicle or business, you need to protect yourself during the process. Use your common sense when calling locksmith companies over the phone. If you do not like what you hear, then call another locksmith company. There are tons of locksmith companies that are located in your area.

Here are a few helpful tips as to what you need to look for a professional locksmith company.

Things To Know About Your Locksmith

Before you pick up the phone to call a locksmith company, know your information. Depending upon the type of locksmith services you need, you should always ask questions about the services. Prices, time it takes to complete the job, and many more. Here is a small list of things you should know about your locksmith that will help point you in the right direction towards the right company.

1.Is This Locksmith Trustworthy?
Not all people are trustworthy. However, you can always find out information regarding the company you are interested in. Search for reviews, ask your friends or family for their opinions. You will have a chance to make a judgement for yourself. But the advice from others can help you find a better locksmith company.

2.Do They Provide 24 hour Emergency Service?
This is important to find out. No matter the time of your emergency, you want to be able to call your locksmith company for assistance. Another great question regarding emergency services are what is the price? Are there extra fees? Do you have a standard service call? Know this information before you call. You don't want to be surprised when they hand you a large bill.

3.How Many Years Experience?
Being a locksmith is not an easy job. There are several services that are provided by a locksmith, which means more understanding of the job. From unlocking keys to installing security systems, you need to have experience. The more experience, the better. That normally means that locksmith has seen it all and done it all. That is the one to choose.

4.Are They Insured?
A bonded locksmith will provide more security when dealing with your home. Not only will they take care of your property, but they will be more cautious about the work they provide. When a locksmith has insurance, they normally perform better. That is because they know if something goes wrong, it is them who has to fix it.

This is a very important question to consider asking. If a man shows up at your home with no identification and a tool box, would you let him in to work in your home? Probably not. Many people are nervous to open the door to strangers. That is why they keep themselves protected. When a locksmith arrives at your home, he should be wearing a uniform with the company name on it. If he doesn't, I would refuse service. You have no idea what will happen once that person has entered your home. And besides, that is how you can tell a locksmith is professional or not. If they take the time to invest in company shirts, hats, etc., they will invest the time it takes to add security to your home.

If you call a locksmith and they provide you an arrival time, they should arrive at that time. Unless you receive a phone call which changes the time, it is very professional to be on time. If a locksmith told you he would be there at 3pm, what would you do if he didn't show up until 2 hours later? Would you still let him provide services for you? You want a locksmith who can show up on time, every time.

7.You Get What You Pay For
Absolutely true. If you see an ad from a locksmith offering $19.99 service calls, it is normally too good to be true. You will normally find a hidden fee or extra service fee hidden somewhere on your bill. However, they are lockskmith companies that do offer cheaper prices. Again, you get what you pay for. Sometimes it's not always better to search for the cheapest prices. You should investigate the average prices that locksmith are charging and stick to that amount. That is why Mattlock Mobile Locksmith always provides the cheapest offers for all of our services.

8.Offer Multiple Services
Many locksmith companies offer multiple services. When you find a lockmith company that you can trust and rely on, that is a great company to keep. You never know if you will need services for your vehicle, home or business. By having a great company, you can trust that the work will get done right.

9.Proper Identification?
If you call a locksmith company and a man in regular clothes comes to your door or vehicle, ask for identification. A professional locksmith company would send a technician who is wearing a uniform or some form of company logo on them. Maybe it might be a shirt or hat that has the company's name on it. If that locksmith cannot provide you with valid identification, call another locksmith company. Do not be subject to theft later down the road. You never know if that locksmith could make duplicate keys and then break into your home later. Always protect yourself.

10.Call Only One Locksmith Company
This is a big problem for many people. When people are in a state of panic, they want help and they want it now. But don't call three companies to see who gets to you first. Not only is this rude for the companies, but it is also inconsiderate. To arrive at your location to find other locksmith companies there performing the work, is not a pretty sight. But by you doing this, only takes away service from someone else who is patiently waiting. Do not do this. You may even have the other companies leave you where you are without doing the work. Be considerate.

Locksmith services are great for when you need them. Just like you would call a contractor or dealership for services, a locksmith can basically help you the same. Don't wait in line for your duplicate key in a department store. Instead, call Mattlock Mobile Locksmith. Not only will we drive to your location, but we can perform the job right at that location. No wait time. Call us on your own free time to get the locksmith services you need.